Friday, October 30, 2009


This just saved me from writing my own post, because June from Bye, Bye Pie (love her, shes a crackup) describes me to perfection, minus the baggies part. Oh, and the drinking part. Eeeek...and the drugs part. Because anyone who knows me, knows that I start to P A N IC if I am not at the airport 20 hours before my flight is scheduled to leave. So just sayin, I'm not the only one out there that HAS HAS HAS to arrive at the airport  WAAAAAAY.....early. The earlier the better.  Gotta keep me in my comfort zone at all costs!
NOTE TO MY KIDS:  S.T.O.P. laughing, and rolling your eyes! RIGHT now. I can hear you!!! You are rolling on the floor, you KNOW this is SO TOTALLY EXACTLY what I do. Really, stop laughing...I can STILL hear you!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


The Grantham Family and
Grandma Marilyn
(sorry the picture is dark, my camera was on the wrong setting!)
( and yes, I did forget to put this in the last post)
Somehow I didn't get a family picuture of the Park family.
I wonder how that happened.. Any answers ROB???


To get this
treasured picture...
took 2 1/2 years.
That's how long it has been since
all the cousins have
been together with
The Shepherd family
The big occasion
Khloe Lin Grantham's
blessing on
October 11, 2009

My great kids, who laughed and told me I was short
(dang,I thought you were kidding)
and now the story of the blessing
and the
I decided that it would be a great opportunity to have PRK (the PAINFUL alternative to Lasix) in SLC the same weekend that we would be going to Meridian for Khloe's baby blessing. (Now that it's over, I will admit it was not the most brilliant idea I've ever had. I was in pain for about 4 days) The day after the surgery I am driving to SLC after staying the night with mom and dad in Nephi. Of course I am in rush hour traffic at 106th south and traffic is at a complete stop. Or at least it is supposed to be. I stopped, the person behind me stopped, but........
the person after that
All of a sudden my head is jerking forward and I hear those horrible sounds no one wants to hear.....
this is the curse part...
which I didn't
I think I was too stunned
The first thing that goes through my mind is "how am I going to get to Idaho and back home with a damaged car?"
The second thing I thought of was, EECCCHHH...... did this crackup do any damage to my freshly lasered eyeball?????
So, I CAREFULLY opened my door, and went to look at the damage to my car. (Let me just say, it was NOT a fun experience to be on the freeway OUTSIDE the safety of my car, with traffic whizzing by, to see what the damage was!)
I know I was being watched over!!!
The lady behind me was not so lucky. She had a small hole in her bumper, that looked like a nail hole to me, and being the auto specialist that I am, it looked like it had been there before the accident, but the lady in the car was insisting it was new. Not my problem, but I don't think she was being honest. Anyway....
I was able to continue to drive to Amber's house where we loaded up the kids and got ready to continue on to Meridian. But E.Y.E. (get it? eye for I... ohh...I have been taking about eyes, and so I used that funny play on words, so ok, never mind; on with the story.)any way eye have to have more drama!!! So eye promptly proceeded to fall off of the porch and do a number on my knee. (And I broke my favorite Maverik mug in the process!!) Eye was going to take a picture of my knee, but if you want to see it just go here

It was the same knee, and looked pretty much like the first injury, but I did manage to fall down the stairs this time, instead of tripping up them. (whoo hoo, I'm a learnin' the tricks of proper falling)
We FINALLY get on the road, and the rest of the trip is uneventful until about an hour outside of Meridian when Rob calls. He is about 20 minutes behind us and has just hit something "smaller than a deer, but bigger than a dog" with his car. My brilliant daughter (don't worry, I won't tell the world your name Mrs. Shepherd) says, "Oh, no! was it the front bumper or the back bumper?" Rob says, "Well I'm not driving backwards, so it must be the front." He was not so fortunate as me and did have to break off part of his bumper because it was dragging.
The rest of the trip was COLD, so we weren't able to take any pictures outside like professionals do, and we are all about being professional, but I did manage not to have any more accidents.
It was so great to have all the kids and grandkids together again. We had a wonderful time, and loved being able to stay with Dave and Lindsay. Thanks so much for all your hospitality and putting up with all the noise that 7 kids, 7 adults and 1 dog make! Khloe looked beautiful and Dave did a great job with her blessing. Thanks to Ron and Amber for letting me hitch a ride with them and to Rob and Britny for following me home from SL to make sure I got back safely. EYE love you all.
(sorry, couldn't help myself)

Sunday, October 18, 2009


In a perfect world, this
post about the grandkid's birthdays
(which were in August)
would have been posted before the debout of Khloe Lin.
You know, kind of in the order in which they happened....
because this is not a perfect world, and I am
this is what you get.
Briqelle has actually captured the essence of
My Bumma, shes a crazy one!
Lets get started with the discombobulated, out of order,random ravings
of a crazy kook...
Jameson, celebrating his 1st
Look at it, it's a comin'
ohhh....choc o latte!!
First things first, checkin it out
playin' it oh so cool....
But as I said
and there is nothin' better

So what do you mean,

Ok, ok, I'm coming.
Who else is stealing "my"
Birthday show bash?

Princess Cali

in her finest
birthday attire...

"why yes, it is all about me....why do you ask?"

I love all 7 of you !
But this is the only one I could
capture for the picture!


I somehow deleted this picture,
it should have been at the end of the last post, but in keeping with my
I am posting it here. Truth of the matter is, I don't know how to
put it at the end of the post. Anybody want to enlighten me?
and since I am:
not even in the running,
in fact,
below the
I give you my final(but at the beginning)
are you as confused as I am??
"Nothin says "I love you" more than a
"hot" blankey for
a birthday present
in freakin' August!"
Yup, thats your