Sunday, December 13, 2009


What better way to spend a Saturday
than with a grandson, who just happens
to be having his 3rd birthday.
 Brecken and his friends and family,
went to the bowling alley
where Brecken bowled better than
some of the adults......
Did I bowl you ask??
Well, I didn't want to intimidate the men folk.
(insert sound of clearing throat)ummm....I mean....truthfully
I didn't want Brecken to show me nooo.....
Brecken, great bowler that he is,
Placed the ball on the ground, and

R o o o o o o l e
He does great considering the
ball is almost as big as he is.

Next stop..... Pirates Pizza
The entrance to the pirates den...
AHOY MATES, come on in and enjoy the ParTaY

The pizza...Why "shiver me timbers" I have never seen anything so
The plate gives you some idea of how big it was

No one left the party hungry!
We could easily have fed the "starving children" of several foreign countries.

No party is any fun complete until the grandparents arrive.
Grandpa Kevin is smiling because he was smart enough not
to sit with the old hags mature ladies.......and be forced to listen to their
non-stop talking conversation which goes on and on about
 nothinguseless information   "women stuff"

I'm a Pirate that I be"

Well me hearties, lets see what's next....
Try to shoot the pirate...
keep trying......
and trying.........

never mind, lets move on to the ball toss.

C'mere me beauties...
"Blimie" look yonder at the smart lassies"
(say this pirate talk is catchy is it not?)

A "pillage" (still going with the pirate talk here) of "LOOT"... and then

Brecken got the "guff" cake he wanted
and "G" "O" "L" "F"
was spelled out so pretty
For awhile anyway.

That frosting was just TOO tempting.
But all is not lost.....
Now it says

And he certainly does!!

Monday, December 7, 2009


Ron, have you had your flu shot this year?
Why yes, I have, so you can exclude me from the following festivities.
Amber and the girls decided to let Bumma have the "privilege" of keeping them safe from the flu this year.
Mama Amber (who from this point on will be referred to as Wimpy) decided she would go first, just to show the girls how easy and painless it was going to be.
 Getting ready...
(Just for the record, it is NOT necessary for you to click and enlarge this picture to look more closely at the mess that is my kitchen at this time...

Briqelle was terrified and willing to do ANYTHING not to have her shot.
But after "Wimpy" bribed her (and I lie not....for 20 minutes!) and settled on "girls night out with chinese food and smoothies"
even Briqelle got her shot

But didn't we say that "Wimpy" was going first? Why yes we did, and we were also going to document for all to see, what a good example she is to her children. Oh, and BRAVE, lets not forget how brave she is.  The needle after all is at least this long...
While this picture doesn't do "Wimpy" justice, to show how fearless she really is,
 lets just say, she was
at this point.

Now how bad was it REALLY?
Don't you feel just a little humiliated?

Next is the 4 (yes FOUR)year old's turn....

Where are the screams,and ooohhhhs and whaaaaaa's?
And is that a hint of a
S M I L E?
and don't I just heart myself right now, because it took some courage
for this Bumma to
poke her darlin' with a needle!!!

She wouldn't have cried at all, but the good example that went first, (remember "Wimpy?")
put a bit of fear into her 4 year old mind.

That wasn't so bad.
Jama...he gave everyone his sympathy tears, I think he was afraid of the
"oh so mature noises" coming out of "Wimpy".

He was one happy little dude, once "Wimpy" quit
going BERSERK and scaring him.

After all was done, everyone was rewarded for their bravery
and got to make their own mini cakes.
All except "you know who".......

Maybe next time

and just in case you are wondering if Bumma had her flu shot at this party.....
of course not.....
I am the