Sunday, November 14, 2010


The weekend of November 5th-7th, 2010
started with a family favorite.
 Their Mac and Cheese is the best.
This is probably the only time you will find adults telling the kids
to "save room for dessert".
The adults ulterior motive?
To eat the kids mac and cheese.
 And the weekend of fun begins.
 First the grandkids start planning the things they want to do.
 Hey Bumma
Halloween's over!!
 Next purgatory
and child heaven
 The only time putting a kid in a cage.....
is legal.
How do you get a "playland" like this in your own home?
I could have used this a lot when my kids were growing up
and NEVER causing any problems.
(Hold on a second, I seem to be choking on those words)
 Jameson was having none of the rides and games.
He's a shy one, but oh so adorable!
 What's more fun than putting kids in cages?
Making them pose for pictures.
 They love, love, love that!
 Bumma with the only 2 kids that
don't have an opinion about pictures.
 Macie and Dalan wanted to let Chuck-E-Cheese know they 
had come to see him.
300 tokens, 5 fun fueled, exhausted kids later
and 2 baby girls that had no idea of  what they had missed....
we prepared for the blessing day of
Quinn Tatum Shepherd.

4 generations with Grandma Great, Mom Amber,
Bumma Mags, and Quinn..the reason for the gathering.
Great Grandma and Grandpa Ockey
hold Quinn, who just wants that thing off of her head.
At least, that's what I think she is thinking. 
The Shepherd-Bailey Family,
with Quinn making the family complete.
So tired from this great weekend of family, friends and fun.
Quinn's expression says it all. 
I wish I could know what she is thinking.
My best guess?
" This family really loves me!
Although I miss my Heavenly home,
and my Father and Mother there,
I feel the love from my family here
And I feel Heaven very close ."
very, very close indeed.
 We love this sweet baby girl.
 Quinn in her blessing dress on November 7, 2010
What a blessing she is in our lives.
We love you Quinn.