Sunday, January 1, 2012


Christmas 2011 started with a fabulous
piano recital by 6 year old Macie...
followed by the infamous antics of
this buddy Dalan
keeping us entertained
since 2006.......
He is a jokester,
 an amazing Engineer, 
and all around entertainer.... 
Khloe is the boss of this household,
and doesn't hesitate to let you know it.
While she looks pretty harmless here, she knows exactly
how to get what she wants. 
Mr. Peeps comes as soon as the tree is decorated each year
 to watch and report back to
If the kids are naughty......
(case in point)
or nice.
Mr. Peeps hides in a different spot in the house every night
and the kids look for him as soon as they wake up each morning.
Sometimes, Mr. Peeps is a bit mischievous himself,
and plays tricks on the kids....
Like painting their noses red while they sleep!
Making gingerbread houses took a lot of concentration....
skill, and will power....
to actually get the candy on the house,
instead of in the mouth...
(case in point)
The finished product
Some of the candy actually made it on to the house.

On Christmas Eve the neighborhood children
 presented the Nativity story....
some of the actors, really got in to their parts....
and some of them.......
not so much..........
It was sweet reminder of
What Christmas is all about.
Christmas morning patiently waiting for the go ahead
from mom and dad.........
The 1st job of the morning is to look for the Christmas pickle
hidden somewhere on the tree....
Whoever finds it, gets to open the first present.
2nd place...
3rd place.....
Khloe didn't quite understand that it was a contest.
She started opening hers 1st anyway.
As stated earlier,
she knows how to get what she wants.
Gram Cracker and her new DVD player.
(Many thanks to the Shepherd family!)

All the Christmas pictures are courtesy
of the Grantham family,
Gram Cracker loves her new camera!
Also many thanks to the Park family
 for the new ladder
which I have been wanting for a LONG time,
as well as the awesome gift card to one of my favorite stores...
Barnes and Noble...
'cause well educated and greatly vocabulized is what I is....
 Everyone seemed extremely happy with their gifts...
"What size is it?"
(an inside family joke)
was heard only once....
(case in point)
A new picture for daddy's office 
a silly pose taken with the new camera....
And Christmas was over for another year.
I left IdaHO HO HO on Christmas Day
and 6 1/2 hours later,
enjoyed another Christmas celebration
at Grandpa and Grandma Greats....
aka..... mom and dads.
Our family is now so big that it took 3 shots
to get the entire room photographed!
That's a lot of family,
especially since 15 of them weren't there....
(case in point)
It was a wonderful Christmas,
Now it's time to start a great 2012!