Wednesday, September 22, 2010

IT'S A WHAT????!!!!!

Remember this?
Did the first Ultra Sound tech know what she was doing?  not so much...
so today we received an
even bigger surprise!
See this?
Turns out the BABY BOY is 
actually a 
We are so excited to have a new baby on the way, no matter what
gender it is.
However, Bumma does love to see these:
Brown Bows
Pink bows
Multi Colored Bows
Prissy, feathery bows
And of course we can't forget the
They just fall out.....
she says
And that's ok
Official Bumma tally now
Girls 5
 and counting...
Boys 3
Who's next????
P.S.  Have to give an "OFFICIAL" shout out to Christina P. Photography for
the brown bow and no bow shots!

Monday, September 20, 2010


Britny decided to throw a SURPRISE party
for her big tease of a husband, (and my son)
PLAN:  Everyone meet at Cafe Rio 10 days before his actual
birthday because then he will NEVER suspect anything.
Walking into Cafe Rio, Britny texts her dad who tells us
she is having us meet at the building across from the restaurant so that
we can "totally surprise" Rob and then go back to have dinner.
However, we walk in to the building which we all thought
was an insurance office,  and see this:
What the??????
We are having a baby!!!
Can you tell what the baby is?
Drum roll please.........
And as the US tech points out the hardware, we find
it's a  BOY!
And since it was such a great surprise :)
I forgive you for keeping me in the dark
for 16 weeks!
Baby boy Park due to make his appearance on March 7, 2011.
and in case you are wondering,
we all missed the sign on the insurance building which had a picture of
a baby  and was advertising "Ultra Sounds done here".
Two little boys in this family.
Can't think of anything cuter.

Monday, September 6, 2010


When I was a child of about 6 years old
 I remember walking past some
hand prints on the sidewalk ....
I desperately wanted my hand print in cement like that.
So I asked my dad how to do it....

The cement has to be wet he said.
I waited for the sprinklers to come on
and our sidewalk was wet, just like my dad said it should be.
Carefully I wrote my name, and placed my hands on the wet cement.
I asked my dad why it wasn't working......
This kind of wet he explained.
Lesson learned.
Funny how this memory popped into my head this morning
as I was walking through sprinkler "wet" cement.
 I didn't try to write my name in it...
But I did walk through it and look back to see
my footprint.
I laughed to remember my 6 year old mind
Thinking that way.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


The feelings that a mother has the first time she
 holds her baby, can never be duplicated.
Happy Birth.......Day
Weighing in on Friday August 27, at 3:25 pm
 at a healthy 6 lbs 8 oz
or 2.945 kilograms
20 inches long and LOTS
of black hair
Quinn Tatum Shepherd
There is nothing like the love that a father
has for his daughter.
He will protect her, love her, and later in those not so fun
teen years, possibly want to "kill" her.
But for now, she is perfect and brings with her
that special spirit from above...that will never again be duplicated.
                                            What a great early birthday present for her daddy
who turns ....????? on September 2
Don't worry, I won't tell your age for
EVERYONE to see,
I'll let everyone figure it out for themselves,
2010 from 1972 is ???
 Practicing math skills as well as being highly entertained....
My first opportunity to hold this little beauty brought a tear to my eye.
 So perfect, pure, content and still. I know she will grow way too fast.
but for now we just enjoy the happiness she brings to this family.
Sleep little one.....
You seem to think that awake time starts at 3 am and runs until 6 am
 I am SOOOOO glad that part of my life is done.
Cali welcomes her new little sister with her usual big smile.
Jama just wants to pet her.
Jama is truly outnumbered now...
3 sisters to tease, and annoy love him
For her first bath she wasn't terribly unhappy
Another Birthday.. Cali turned 5 on August 22
Here she is modeling her new zebra petti-skirt.
She liked it
Jama loves Thomas the train.
He was so excited
he was literally S.H.A.K.I. N.G. 
 and Thomas the train  have this effect on him.
Jameson's  Birthday...September 7

Cali's birthday.....August 22
Are you seeing any kind of theme here?
Calendar of events as follows:

                                                            Birthdays on
                                                           August 22,      (Cali)
                                                           August 27,      (Quinn) 
                                                           September 2 , (Ron)
                                                           September 7,  (Jameson)

                                                        This household knows how to
Can  you imagine doing this:

4 times in 12 days?
Well yippeee.....
That is what this family will look forward to!
Can you say:
to 4 of the 6 members of this family.
Cali and Jameson at Chuck-E-Cheese.....A great memory 

               Grandma and Gandpa Great and Quinn.. Another great memory
Ohhh nooo...
more pictures. Give me a break people.
Lola and Izzy can't quite figure out what's going on...
What is that squeeky toy that everyone gets to play with
except us.......
Hopefully Jama is not practicing for a career in stripping.
He was so excited to be outside, that NOTHING was going to stop
him from playing......
Pants or not
Nothing slows hm down.
The last day of my stay with the Shepherd family
was Cali's first day of Kindergarten.
Not excited.
Not excited
at all........
                                                 The little girl who once loved princesses,
now says she is too "old" for them.
Hello Kitty is the new love of her life.
The neighborhood kids on the steps of their 
kindergarten classroom
Say good bye to their mom's without shedding a tear...
Can't say that for the mom's.
I saw a few wiping their eyes...
Sad tears that their baby is in school
or tears of joy that their baby is finally in school...
And I heard her exclaim as we walked out of sight.....
You all be back here at 3:20 ya hear?

The Shepard family