Sunday, August 22, 2010


On Friday evening I entered the
Catholic church for the first time.
They were hosting a community concert to
celebrate the opening of their new church.
This was on the front wall:
While I have no idea what this is....
it is beautiful

And this great singer was standing at the front of the church
He was performing a free concert
for the catholic church.
An LDS singer from England,
a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
singing in the catholic church
in St. George, Utah.
That constitutes some type of miracle doesn't it?

This man played the piano, and while unknown and certainly not famous;
his talent is

Alex Boye is not only a great singer,
but truly an inspiration. At 16 years old
he was kicked out of his home for joining the church.
While he didn't go into all of his trials and the
story that brought him from Liverpool to the USA
he did bring into that catholic church
an amazing spirit and conviction....
that all things are possible
when one person is willing and
the other is the Lord.
Me, Alex Boye, and Shar
I don't know why he didn't ask us to join him in singing a song.
You can tell just by looking at us that we are "to die for" singers.
Aha.... that's it...
We sing....
We die....
of embarrassment and public humiliation.
My singing is definitely considered
 socially unacceptable behavior. 
 If you want to annoy that one special person in your life....
Give me a call...
Simon did....

Friday, August 20, 2010


Uh huh, Uh huh.....
Now when I walk in everybody do the “Power” clap
 I'm a jammin' uh huh, uh huh........
Brecken's Hip Hop class had a mini recital
so that the kids could show their families
what they have been learning.
He is the youngest in the class
but he can "bust a move", and "get his groove on"
as well as any of them.
Better even. 
He is is lookin’ good, workin’ hard, and dancin’ full out.
Maybe Brecken would consider 
teaching Bumma a few
I know, tooooooo funny....
Have you stoped laughing yet?
Never gonna happen,
Not even a remote possiblity...
The only thing Bumma is likely to bust
is a hip.
Shakin' it though....
A whole notha' story....
I can shake it with the best of them....

Sunday, August 15, 2010


I am fortunate enough to have the valued friendship of
 an accomplished, famous LDS author, and all around phenomenal man. 
He has been a friend to my family since he was a small boy
 of about 8 years old.
At that time his mother was killed in an automobile accident.
My grandmother took him into her home
 and raised him along with her own children
 for a few months until his father was able to restore some semblance of normalcy 
and again care for his family.
Imagine my surprise when this awe inspiring man said to me;
"You are in my new book."
As I picked up the up the feather that had knocked me over.....
and gazed at the pigs flying around the room......
My intelligent and articulate reply was,
" Are you kidding me?"
 "You have got to be kidding me!"
And guess what....

I figure after we discuss royalties and whatever else all famous people discuss,
I just may have a new career......
Just like the book says, "I can always use a little extra income."
Now if you will excuse me,
I apparently have a
 that requires my attention.
(whoop, whoop)

Sunday, August 1, 2010


July 24, 1847
The pioneers entered the Salt lake Valley
and the Prophet Brigham Young announced
"This is the right place"
July 24, 2010
Traditions have evolved. While this is no longer a desert wasteland;
there are still a few small towns
that continue to celebrate
in their "small town" way
 "this is still the right place".
Two things are wrong with this picture.
1st, it is not traditional to wear shorts and flip flops
in January, in Mona, Utah and 2nd, it is not 01/01/2007, as these pictures suggest.... 
which leaves me to render this conclusion.
If tra·di·tion [truh-dish-uhn] is   
"a long-established or inherited way of thinking or acting"
 I have traditionally thought and acted accordingly in the area of not being electronically minded 
in any way, shape or form, and if I can avoid electronic gadgets, 
I do so...
and because I am such an electronic loser,
 I messed up each picture taken on July 24, 2010
and each of them are somehow, forever incorrectly
 time/date/stamped  01/01/2007.
And don't even get me started on how I know N.A.D.A.
about those i-thingies, or those other things everyone has ....
what are they called? You know, those things that play
music, kind of like a walkman was in the 80s' but a......?????
not electronically minded. 
Grandma Great, Mama Lacie, Grandma Jamie,  Auntie Nicole, and Baby McKadee
enjoying the Mona "talent" show. Smiling was a little bit difficult
because..... oh my....the talent.....
Maybe it was the heat.... perhaps it warped the
vocal cords of the "I didn't make the worst of the American Idol performers cut".
I have to admit that as bad as some of them were,
they were all
than I could have done, with or without
that electronic thingy that everyone now  has,
you know, like a walkman was in the 80s', but a........
Everyone discussed how
Mona has been overtaken by "new people" moving in.
Which isn't a bad thing, just that we didn't know ANYONE.
I personally think the locals were scared off by the talent show contestants.
My sister Melanie
discusses the possibility of
selling ear plugs next year....
Because my friends, it is a Mona tradition
that the winners from this year
come back and perform AGAIN next year!
Ear plugs anyone?
 Or how about those thingies that everyone has, you know,
like the walkman's were in the 80s'?
Grandma Great
Grandma Jamie
discuss having a family dinner tomorrow.
Jamie's husband Mark
has been made the Bishop of the Mona 2nd Ward
and that is a great reason to
get the family together for a traditional meal.
It is becoming a tradition
to have "Bishops" in our family.
Not that the male members of our family are seeking after that position,
They DEFINITELY are not. The Stake President happened to bring that to
every one's attention. 
Anyway, I'll bet even
  he knows the name
of that 80s' walkman like thingy
I'm not sure what Melanie was seeing in this picture, I think she was still
seeing the $$$$ she could make with the ear-plugs prospect.
I took this picture to give you all a look at the
single, hunk of a guy that
is marriage material. He already knows how to
take care of babies (no, that one isn't his)
and is looking for his true love.
You will be happy to know that I have not
discouraged him in this "pipe dream."
OK, enough about that......
All the single ladies.........
Get ready to put a ring on it.
( If I buy ear plugs at 29 cents each and sell them for 99 cents each..... I could totally get that "plastic surgery", I mean buy some new "headlights." For my car, yeah, that's it, headlights for my car. )  
And the tradition that 
there's no place like home
is alive and well at the old stomping grounds.
I remember a lot of great times on that porch, listening to my
walkman....... (Que the memories music)
There is no one like Grandma Great and her
potted plants...At last count there were about 30 or 40
and she waters each hand...
Traditional family gatherings,
Cousins playing together,
Listening to those thingies
that you know,
are kind of like a walkman was in the 80s.......
Eating together and remembering the past
and the present 
Even the cows agree.
Home is where the heart is.
And who ever started that traditional saying,
"you can't go home again"
 has obviously never
been a part of this family.

"We are a circle  of strength and love.
 With every birth and every union, the circle grows.
Every joy shared adds more love.
Every crisis faced together makes the circle stronger."

Every FAMILY has their own
And yes,
every family tree
has that one branch that still
lives and swings to the
 WALKMAN  from the 80s'.
Excuse me, I hear ABBA and the
BEE GEE'S calling....
you know.....
traditional 80s'.