Sunday, September 18, 2011


Memorial Weekend was great...
there is nothing better than family time together
As the kids opened Bumma's toy box,
Briqelle found her old doll "Nyla" that
I bought her when she was about 5 years old.
We had been to the Dixie Center to the
annual Christmas Fair, and she had thrown a fit
until Nyla was hers......
Ugly, Homely, Unattractive, Plain
"Sweet Spirited" Nyla
has lain forgotten the last 6 years....
until that magical moment when
Briqelle and Nyla were re-united.
Cali was happy to see Nyla too,
as you can see by her charming smile....
Actually, I think this was the smile for my question
Do you want to go get a sno-cone?
Jameson is a little man now....
Chocolate milk makes him happy.
This little lady rules the Shepherd household...
And don't you forget it!
We found a new park to enjoy...
This park has all the latest equipment, and instead of those
annoying rocks, or rubber chips on the ground,
it has some type of spongy mat under all the
playground equipment.
It is the Taj Mahal of playgrounds...
Which may or may not
explain why there appears to be a "dress" code..
It even has its own splash pad

Who else do you know that would insist on wearing 
her pink twirly skirt to play in?
Briqelle was simply THRILLED to be there!
THRILLED I tell you!

Of course Queen Quinn decided that she was going
to adopt Nyla.
Nyla has never had this much attention,
and isn't sure that she likes the soggy, drooling kind Quinn gives.
Jameson wanted to take home a toy
a green John Deere tractor to be exact
Wanted it SOOOOO badly....
that when his mom asked what was wrapped in his shirt
he said "noffing"
But being almost 3, he CAN NOT tell a lie.....
And politely asked if he could take it home.
Of course you can take it home!
What Bumma could say no to that face?
Nyla however is back in her box,
slobbered on and forgotten,
 packed away in a cold, dark box,
 abandoned by her owner...
Will she wait another 6 years to be loved?
Will the tractor return for his beloved Nyla?
Will Bumma be committed for talking to toys?
Tune in next time for the adventures of
 Nyla and John Deere....
HOLD ON.....
Did I just have an entire conversation about a doll and a toy tractor???
single handedly proving that.....
I have got to get out more!

Monday, September 12, 2011


Once upon a time in July
Mason was having his
missionary farewell.
His mom looks more like a sister,
but I don't even want to go there.
It just reminds me that once upon a couple
of decades ago, I looked that young.

This is Mason
posing with his FAVORITE AUNT.......
 All the people who came
for a "free meal"
numbered at least 100.
This is Mason's 2nd or maybe 3rd
favorite Aunt Karen
and her daughter Leesa..
I can say that because
It's MY blog...
Karen and Jamie will have to
determine which is which...
without being a witch.....
which now brings us to....
Good food and conversation.... 

Mason's cousin Tyler and his wifeTressa
Not sure where they fit in his list of favorites...
they might rate pretty high,
but only if
Tyler is a U of Utah fan
not BYU...
BYU is a (gasp) very bad word
in the Molyneaux household.
I don't make the rules here, people. 
My sweet Macie...
one of my favorites! 
Mr. Active Dalan....also one of my favorites! 
Crazy bug Khloe...Definitely one of my favorites,
but not so sure that I am one of hers.
Everyone loves a good merry-go-round
Even adults who usually are
 true kids at heart 
Dalan....the only male in a sea of girls....
Something his mother will have to get used to.... 
especially when he hits his teen years.
I can tell him all about the ways his mother
would sneak out at night....
oh yeah, good times to come!
Visiting with cousins 
We all wish for Mason to have a great mission......
especially since he has been gone now for a couple of months...
And this slow blogger person
is just now posting about it.
Good luck Mason,
see you in 2 years....
 your FAVORITE aunt.
and a P.S. to my sisters......
don't even THINK about a rebuttal...
You'll lose.