Sunday, June 6, 2010


A great weekend of memories,
enjoying each moment
and remembering how quickly these "babies" have grown.
10 years have passed since
this first granddaughter came in to my life.
I was lucky enough to spend time with 3 of my 7...and counting grandchildren,
since #8 is just 81 days away from arriving!!
 Bumma played at the
duck pond while marveling at the great aim these 2 had at throwing food.
The only time food throwing is acceptable.
We went to this fun park where Cali was flying! She was so happy and screaming
 so loud that everyone was laughing!
The only time screaming is acceptable

 Jameson was in search of only one thing.
Never get between a man and his stomach.
Briqelle showed us all the art of
ice blocking
which must run in the family
as her mother was a champion in her day.
I think if she hadn't been 6 months pregnant
she would have been whooshing down the hill
with Briqelle.
We wanted to do something different from the usual hiking, or movie
so we decided to try our hand at creating artwork masterpieces.
Listening to the instructions,
the girls CAN'T BELIEVE what they are hearing.
You want us to "paint on the table?"
Not only acceptable, but ESSENTIAL
to the creative process.
 By practicing on the table you can get things looking the way you want
and then re-create it on your original piece.
Working on the masterpieces that will become
a "peace" plate for Briqelle
a "princess" bowl  for Cali.
The only time painting on the table is acceptable.
The fun and creatitivity of these outsandng works of art
2 1/2 hours to complete.
And... we weren't hot, sweaty or dirty which made Cali.....
 and Bumma very happy.
Briqelle's creation: a "peace, love, and joy" plate 
 Cali made a "princess bowl". (Could there have been any other choice?)
 Their creations wouldn't be ready to take home
for a week since they had to be fired in the kiln to make them
pretty and shiny.
The only time playing with fire is acceptable
The finished product
one week later..
Peace, love, and joy 
to all kings, queens, princes, and princesses
or in one word....
Because no matter what happens in life.... our family sticks together....
and that is always acceptable.
Isn't that  the best?