Sunday, August 23, 2009


Brecken and Bumma had a fun afternoon together.
First, Brecken decided he needed to have "gwasses" on.
There, I can see much better now.
Then he decided that Bumma needed to have "gwasses on" I love that he put them on me upside down!
We walked to the park and Brecken showed me how he can go down the slide all by himself.
He thought Bumma should swing from the bars like he could.
I hated to be the one to tell him that Bumma is too big to fit between the bars.
So, I just told him that the sign said "No Bumma's allowed on the slide"
He believed me...
For now.
We walked over to the temple grounds.
Brecken loved the flowers and wanted to pick them

But he smelled them
and decided they were a bit
"tinky" so we moved on

Brecken loved the Christus
He told the missionaries
"He is BIG"He sat down and just stared at the statue for a long time.
Then he said
"He is talking to me Bumma"
Yes, Brecken, He is talking to you.
He is talking to all of us.
We just need to be still for a minute
And listen.

I loved spending time with Brecken today.
Thanks Rob and Brit for letting me watch him.
Next stop... BOISE, IDAHO
Where I will be watching Baby Khloe arrive
on August 26, 2009.
And experience for myself
The adventures of Dalan....(give me strength)
Seriously though,
I can't wait to see Macie, Dalan, and Khloe
And oh yeah.....I almost forgot
Dave and Lindsay aka "the drum."