Friday, July 31, 2009


These are my pets.

these are the

pets I care to have.
And though they have no social skills,
and DON'T play well with others,
they ARE
Little to no maintenance.
Fun to play with watch.

Feeding costs are teny tiny
There is no whining or complaining
about being served the same meal
day after day,
after day, after day,
after day.
They eat, drink
and fly away........... I said,

the best kind of pet
(for me)

Friday, July 17, 2009


I KNOW!!! Makes you want to cry for me doesn't it? (And in case you can't tell, that is my leg)

Now for your "I need a great laugh today" entertainment...I give you permission to laugh hysterically over my pain filled drama. So, here is the big story, which in my humble opinion should have been breaking news on every channel, but I guess they had to cover REALLY important things like the dog that somehow got a BBQ fork stuck in his head..(no kidding that was on Good Morning America) but I digress......... SO.............
I was coming back from the hospital cafeteria, laden down with a tray filled with lunch for me and the doc's and true to my klutzy skills (which I have spent many years perfecting), I TRIPPED UP THE STAIRS!! Now I ask you, what kind of an idiot trips UP stairs???
First of all I was embarrassed but did what any good employee would do; cussed a blue streak held on to the lunch! Doesn't it just warm your heart to know I am always thinking of others? The 2nd thing I did was to make sure no one saw me. (No such luck, a teenager was giggling as he walked by....sob) So I hobbled across the street back to the office thinking, well it doesn't hurt THAT bad. I get back in the office and look down and my leg is a bloody mess. I was thinking about turning my injury in to Workman's Comp...but to have to admit what happened with all the paperwork involved, well; lets just say, I'll suffer in silence without WC. Unselfish person that I am, I am going to let "those people" that think they are entitled to it because they lost a limb or got paralized or something lame like that have it.

Really, which would be worse do you think? Looking at this painful mass of bleeding flesh, or losing a limb and being paralized?..... I know!! MINE is much worse. Thank you for agreeing with me.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


If you want to read a post that will make you experience the laugh/cry/nod in agreement/glad that wasn't me/how awful/that's just plain icky/ emotions go here and read "The Meanest Mom's" post ,justifiably entitled "The Ride Of My Life". It will make any one who has ever had a bad experience traveling with kids, exclaim, "Wow! Thank goodness I didn't have to experience THAT!! She deserves a moment of silence (try to stop laughing for just a minute)............................... amen
And now that you are wiping your eyes from tears of laughter or sympathy; on with MY WAY FUN, SUPER LONG BLOG.......................
(That will teach me to wait so long between posts...maybe)


If you have read Lindsay's blog, you know all about the wonderful road trip she had coming to St. George with her BFF Christina. Once she arrived in beautiful St. George the first thing we did was go to BOB's (best-only-brother) house. There we were shown by the future Olympic swimming champ Brecken, how to best use his pool. First, wave to the crowd, get them cheering you on as you attempt the world's speediest descent down the super slide.
OOPS, that was so fast that the camera was unable to capture the event. Ok, ok, truth be told my not so quick fingers weren't able to catch the Kodak moment. But here you have Brecken as he ended the super scary, harrowing ride of his life!!!

Cali, always the stylin' bathing beauty waves to the crowd. (It's all in the "elbow, elbow" action, people)

Briqelle; not to be outdone, perfects her "It's all about the wrist action" wave.
Are you wondering why there are no pictures of the "BOB" aka Rob, his wife Brit, Lindsay, or Bumma? So am I....... my guess is that we were inside, slaving over a hot stove as we made homemade bread, with fresh churned butter and fresh strawberry jam. And don't forget the freshly squeezed lemonade.
Or maybe you should forget it....we did.......................
The pizza and juice boxes were just fine, thank you very much.


Everyone who knows this little guy KNOWS that he NEVER holds still for a minute.....however the powers of Bumma have proof that this is not ALWAYS true. He does hold still once in a while, and I have the picture to prove it.................
Wait for it....................................................
Dalan sitting! Hard to imagine and truth be told, it lasted all of about 10 seconds.
Briqelle was either announcing she wants world peace, giving a math lesson (what is 2+2), or stating "you're a bunny". (Pick your favorite) Macie is bored with any of those options and doesn't even try to hide her lack of interest. And Dalan...he's all about the water and figuring out the fastest route there.
What do you mean we have to get back in the car and drive 11 stinkin' hours back to Boise?
Macie, Lindsay,Khloe(in da' belly) who will be making her earthly debut on 8-26-09!.... and Dalan, who wants to get back in the water and is letting EVERYONE know it.What a great week we had. It was so fun to see the kids. I miss them so much but it makes the time we do get to spend together extra special. I can't wait to go to Idaho to spend a week at the Grantham gym/spa. (After a week of trying to keep up with the kids up there, I figure I should be able to lose at least 10 pounds.) Now that's EXCITING!!


Last month I was able to spend a few days with my oldest granddaughter-thanks to her Aunt Lindsay bringing her down from SLC. What a special experience to walk the temple grounds with her and enjoy this time together. To know that both of us..(the young and not so young) are both daughters of God and he loves us.....I feel I experienced a glimpse of Heaven that day.