Sunday, September 9, 2012


On August 22, at 11:56 pm
Jedrek Kevin Park
arrived in this world.....
unfortunately he was
3 weeks early.....
 Due to this early arrival he experienced
 some lung problems
and if that weren't enough for this 6 lb 5 oz baby
to deal with,
an infection was thrown into the mix
of problems....
Fortunately he was born 3 weeks early,
had he been born later, his infection would have
been a lot worse, and he would have been
in the hospital for a much longer time.
Jedrek was not shy about letting everyone know
what made him happy.....

And what did not..... 
On the bright side, his nurse Elaine
was great!
And Jedrek is a fighter....
getting stronger each day.  
I was able to hold him on his 2nd day in the NICU. 
So many tubes and wires on such a little guy. 
Rob holding his new son for the 1st time. 
On Monday, August 27 after
5 days in the NICU
The champ was able to go home!
Big brother Brecken was so happy to see
"baby brother"!
Brecken knows his name is Jedrek... 
  But he still calls him baby brother. 
This picture was not staged at all....
well, maybe just a little.... 
Avi was not so sure she wanted
baby brother around. 
Will he try to eat her food?
That is totally 
Mom shows Avi that baby brother 
is a keeper.
And she warms up to him.....
Especially when his bottle of breast milk
was left on the table.
Mom walked in
 to another room for a just a minute....
and when she returned.... 
the bottle was empty....
Avi now loves him as much as the rest of us.....
because he shared his milk with her.
I sense a lot of sharing episodes for Jedrek
in the future.....
Courtesy of his older sister.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


IDAHO week starts
by picking up Briqelle and Cali in SL.
Since Cali was going to have a birthday
she got to open her present a little early.
She wanted the Justin Bieber perfume
which Bumma gave to her.
Next stop Idaho.
The girls were so excited to have Bumma come
they could hardly tear themselves away from the movie.
Hello girls.......Bumma is over here....
At least I got the attention of one of them.
Dalan also had a birthday on August 2.
He wanted Bumma to get him a skateboard.
I took him to the store and he picked it out
5 minutes later he was riding like a pro.
Hopefully this will not make me responsible for any
future broken bones.
In the afternoon
we went to a new park so the kids could play
Briqelle decided she was too old for the twirley thing...
or maybe not...
after all, no one knows her in Idaho.....
and certainly no one will tell if she wants to
act like a little kid......
no one.
Cali and Macie are never out of each other's sight.
Cali does a great job of pretending to be scared.

Khloe is the independent one and does
exactly whatever she wants to do.
Lindsay and I sat and enjoyed watching the kids play.
It was so nice to be able to actually sit outside.
Not something I can do in St. George in August.
The park had this stage that amplified sound
and the kids had a great time putting on a play for us.
Dalan was asked to please not get in the water.
It was getting late, and a bit windy.
It was just too hard for him. He tried.
He really tried.
He just had to "wash off his shoes"
which led to him getting completely soaked.
Briqelle couldn't quite fit in the baby swings.

This is the only time Macie wasn't moving.
It lasted about 10 seconds.
Khloe needs NO help.
Don't even try.
What a fun
way to end
(Photo idea courtesy of Briqelle)
Monday we went to the
Flatbread Pizza.
The kids made their own
even Khloe gives it a thumbs up.
After all that fun the kids took a nap.
yeah, right.....
Just down the street from the Pizza was the
candy shoppe.
Candy that I haven't seen since I was a kid.
Everyone had fun choosing a bag of their favorite treats.
We drove up to the Boise Depot where
Bumma almost had heart failure.
Those rocks are too close to the water for me to relax.
The kids had no fear, but I breathed a lot easier
when we were back on the road.
This was the view from the pond
downtown Boise.
This was my heart doing flip flops watching the kids
get that close to the water.
And of course....
Dalan led the way.
I liked the view from here.
AWAY from the water.
An old train from the 1920's
hence the name
Boise Depot.
Tuesday was the day the kids had been waiting for.
Roaring Springs Water Park!
We almost didn't get to go because it started to rain in the morning.
But it soon stopped and the temperature was perfect.
Not too hot, and a little overcast.
Entering the park 
The family tube ride.
The grandkids insisted I go.
And that was not me doing all that screaming.
well maybe a little.
It was kiddie pool land for me after that fun.
Khloe went down the slide in a tube by herself
and loved it!
She's 3.
Bumma unwillingly went in a tube with 4 other kids.
She's not 3.
 And she didn't love it all that much.
Would I go again if the grandkids asked?
In a heartbeat. Anything for the grandkids.
Even scary tube rides.
Relaxing after a hard day of riding the rapids.
ok, floating in a tube on the Lazy River.
Sorry there are no pictures of that.....
 I was too lazy.
Every one went on this ride....
except the 3 year old....
and me.
Thanks for a great time in Idaho
Grantham Family!