Sunday, April 26, 2009


This is Connie, or as I have dubbed her over the last 14 years.........THE MIRACLE WORKER
This is the poor, Ugly duckling, unBeauty, that Connie has to perform the makeover on. The tinfoil takes years off of my face, the reason for this is that you are so busy looking at the foil, you forget to look at my face! ( This is Miracle #1) However, the "foils"(actual beauty shop jargon) eventually must come off. Can't have me walking around town setting off 911 calls that there is an alien on the loose.
Nothing like being a "true blonde" once again. (Miracle #2-no gray roots)
If I didn't love this lady so much, I could really hate her. She NEVER ages. She still looks 29, and DOES NOT get Botox injections. Oops, did I just give away her secret? Of course I was happy to stand next to her as this enabled her to look at least 20 years younger than the TRUE BLONDE on the right, who also DOES NOT get Botox injections. No, really I don't. Seriously, I don't. I swear I don't. I promise, I don't. (Miracle #3- I look like this without Botox....wait, that isn't a miracle is it?)
Being the totally unselfish person that I am, I will stand next to anyone in a picture who needs a testimonial of what will happen to you unless you start using Botox. Make your appointment today, leave your info in the comment section of this post. I GUARANTEE anyone standing next to me will look "freakin' awesome!!" You're welcome.
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The "IN'S AND OUT'S" Of Brecken

This is Brecken's latest way to show who's boss. So what if he can't open the door to go outside. He has his own personal "doggie door" and he can get through it faster than opening a silly door. He's out......
He's in............(Sorry the pictures are blurry, but it is hard to capture a whirlwind in full motion....and Brecken definitely fits that definition.)
Ok, he's in...
And he's out....and this could go on all day. Luckily Bumma gets to go home and rest while his mom and dad continue with the fun for as long as "THE BOSS" decides he wants to play.
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