Sunday, April 11, 2010


Having all the family together was the best day ever.
Lots of testosterone as one by one the big boys showed us their "mad climbing skills".
Don't the the "old ladies" in the background of the picuture below fool you...
That was a tough hike these little ones accomplished.
(in their minds anyway)
Macie, almost as fearless as her brother, gets ready to lead the way and
she's not scared at all about going over
those huge gaps between
the high rocks....
no, really...
but can someone else
Go over the bridge, and this is the view you get:
Testosterone fueled buddies big happy family
What outing would be complete without "fearless" Dalan giving us all a scare.
Briqelle was close enough to grab him before he jumped/fell off the cliff.
N.O.T.  K.I.D.D.I.N.G!
He has NO fear....

Cali says: "Oh bumma, I love hiking, I want it to last FOREVER"...

Not even 10 minutes later, she says:
"Bumma, I'm getting HOT and DIRTY. I want this hike to be over"
Yep, she's a girly girl.
 Macie, on the other hand is ready for whatever
is just around the corner. 
Which just happened to be baby "J"
climbing his own rock!
As for Khloe, she wants to know:
Whose big idea was this anyway!
What did you do with my know
the one that is fearless...
At least when he's cornered like this
he can't move for a few seconds.
Brecken, has more testosterone than all the
big boy's put together!
Bringing up the rear of the hiking expedition,
( I won't point out how baby "J" is standing "all alone" while
his mama seems to be needing a little help.)
Like I said,
Not gonna point that out.
What a fun day,
in a wonderful life.
To my great family,
mama loves you.