Saturday, October 30, 2010


Each year Tuacahn  produces different
outstanding musical productions.
October means
which means
For one of the first times in my life
I was P.R.E.P.A.R.E.D.
and actually remembered to take my camera.......
Then the announcer said.
"Sorry folks, NO cameras, videos, or cell phones
as it may cause physical harm to the performers."
Apparently the flashing lights cause them to fall off the stage or something.
My thoughts on that?
 Aren't these  a r t i s t i c....people supposed to "suffer for their craft?"
Isn't Halloween
a time for things to go BUMP in the night?.
I was able to get a few pictures after the performance
with a few of the stars.
I don't know this zombie's name, but she
really seemed to like Shar, following her everywhere.
Shar on the other hand,
not so much.
In fact not at all.
There was freaky, goulish, creepy fun everywhere.
For those of you expecting "Thriller" to be
a tribute to Michael Jackson, an evening of listening to
his music,
Which was what I was exptecting.....
It isn't.
Although there is a bit of a resemblence here.... 
Thriller is presented by the Odyssey Dance Theatre, and is
HIGHLY entertaining.
I found myself laughing at a River Dance spoof,
where someone starts shooting the dancers.
S.I.C.K. I know, but hey
A little goulish sickness is expected.
Halloween has always been a holiday I De-plore, De-test, and De-spise.
But now that I have experienced the De-lightful
"thriller" experience, I think I might actually start to
De-monstrate a more De-sireable attitude towards this
De-moniac holiday.
That is a De-finite
I have a whole year to

From Bumma and

Sunday, October 3, 2010


My trip to Salt Lake to see family started
with this:
Bye, bye to my old Dodge Stratus that had taken me to various places
for the last 8 years.
Sometimes even without  INCIDENT
 but lots of times holding my breath
that I wouldn't be in this situation.
and instead would arrive safely
at my destination.
It was now time to say:
"How you doin'!"
Seems this little model already has attitude....

No trip would be complete without first making a pit stop for some
nourishing refreshments along the way,
Hello Sweet Tooth Fairy!

Hello, 150 calories for each delicious whiff...
I won't even think about the weight I have put on, because I CAN NOT resist these yummies!
However, if I am going to put on weight, I am not going to do it alone.
So I took a BAKER'S dozen (13...if you're counting)
 to my family....And yes, if you must know...
 they were super happy.
They kept saying things like
and various other exclamations of joy and appreciation!...

These gals are already working off the calories;
with the Wii Fit
Dancing Queens I tell you
Oh, but then there's this one:
She puts us all to shame.
The main reason for the trip to SLC was to watch
my fitness guru daughter run in her first ever
1/2 marathon, aka known as a 13.1
So proud of her efforts
Signs were made to cheer her on to the
finish line...
I think it helped her cut off a couple of minutes from her
finishing time, with those cuties standing so close to the
This must be the look of unbelief that....not only did you finish, but finished with a great
 "OFFICIAL" time of
Who wouldn't be inspired?
I am so proud of you; that I think
I am going to start running
Right over to The Sweet Tooth Fairy
I'm sure it will be a most essential component to  looking
like this:
Maybe I should give up a few cupcakes so that 
Briqelle doesn't have to hide her head in shame
when being photographed with Bumma.
Hmmm.... food for thought.
and speaking of food
Isn't baby Quinn delicious....
LOOKING! for the day
(yes, all this was done in 1 day!)
We travelled to Mona to the Young Family Farm
where we officially met
The bride and groom
The stepson of my sister Melanie and her husband Scott
I know, she looks young enough to be the bride herself...
Her beautiful daughter McKell
Handsome sons
and Morgan
 McKoy, (her 3rd child) wouldn't let me take his picture, but
he looks exactly like Morgan....
only taller.
Could it be the "middle child syndrome?"

My sister Jamie and her
granddaughter McKadee
who does not rule that household...
You gonna fall for that one? ...
naaaahhh....., me neither.
A family picture where EVERYONE
to be photographed.
What adventure would be complete without
Bumma making a complete and utter fool out of herself...
I give you.
a not so fun experience..
If I paddled backward we went backward,
but if I paddled forward...
yes, you guessed it,
we went backwards...
I wonder if that is why the sign was posted about
"Paddleboats are not to be used at weddings."
Needless to say, the girls were happy to get back to the dock. 
 Seriously, I was literally shaking, when I realized that
not only could I not maneuver the paddle boat
I was pretty sure I was going to end up falling
 into that
icky, mossy, green  water.
Bumma lesson for the day:
even if you think they mean 
everyone BUT you! 
Even the little girls said, Bumma, that wasn't fun.
At least Jameson was having fun
watching our torture.
Lesson learned Bumma,
lesson learned.