Sunday, November 13, 2011


Saturday November 12, 2011
these 2 adventurous ladies....
Went to Tuachan to the concert
In a word, it was 
I love all the old Abba songs,
and while it wasn't the "real"  Abba...
they sounded almost as good.
They even had Swedish accents when they spoke.
Have you noticed that when people with an accent sing...
 there is no trace of the accent? 
Why is that?
I was all set to start getting lots of great close up shots,
but just after I took this one....
The camera battery went dead....
I said
"Mama Mia!"
Send out an
I wanted to take pictures of me as the
"Dancing Queen"
After paying all that
 "Money, Money"
to see the show,
I was face to face with my own
That was the
"Name of the Game"
It was time to "Move on"
"Knowing me, Knowing you"
I was a
"Super Trooper"
instead of screaming
"Gimmee, Gimmee, Gimmee
a new battery,
I said,
"I have a dream"
"Take a chance on me"
"The winner takes it all"
"Thank you for the music"
and with the last notes still  lingering in my head...
soared like an "Eagle" into my bed.


On Friday, November 4 at 5:30 pm
I stopped at TJ Maxx on my way home from work,
and in the parking stall next to mine I found this:
The next day, I looked at the ring again,
and decided that I should call the store to
see if anyone had reported it as missing.
No one had, but they took my phone number
and told me they would call if anyone asked about it.
A few hours later I had a call from the store
and they gave me the number of the lady who had inquired about it.
I called her and she asked if she could come by and look at it,
and if it wasn't hers she certainly wouldn't take it.
This was my first clue that perhaps the green stone,
and the diamonds all around it were....
The sweet 70ish lady came and brought the
certificate of insurance as well as
a picture of the ring.
was hers.
And it definitely was worth big $!
( looking on line it appears to be valued at $5,655.00)
The next day she came by again
and brought me these: 
With this sweet note: 
It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside....
and I was happy that I had been honest,
 and that the diamond ring
was once again with its rightful owner.

So 5 days later,
I am at another store....
It is late at night
(for me anyway)
Well, it was DARK,
so in my world, it was late....
The parking lot was empty except for a few cars and a shopping cart
that was closer to my car than I would have liked.
So as I grumbled to myself about how people are so rude....
and moved the cart away from my car....
I looked down....
and and found these.....
Fossil sunglasses.
Not a diamond ring....
but as of yet
still unclaimed.
which means...
I am rockin' the glasses until
someone claims them
or doesn't.
And for the record, I don't know
WHY I look like I am sporting a mustache.
(insert tears of self pity here)
w.r.i.n.k.l.e.s might be the answer..
which only makes that warm and fuzzy feeling I had earlier
 a very

Sunday, November 6, 2011


This family fun weekend of October 8, 2011
 started off with a soccer game
Hmmm....what to do, chase the ball
or ponder chasing the ball..... 
Team huddle to ponder chasing the ball 
Now thats what I'm talkin' about! 
Some were more interested in their treats
and although chilly,
wasn't unbearably cold....
The game finished just as it started to rain...
Next up getting the Grantham family ready
for their family pictures.....
Macie looked adorable
Dalan looked handsome.... 
Khloe looked like trouble....
darling, but definitely knows her own mind. 
A stressful day? 
A picture REALLY is worth a thousand words.... 
Who wants to show off their dancing skills? 
Some of us had them.... 
And some of us
did not!!!! 
Someone on the left could definitely 
 use some help in the "groovin" department. 
You call that dancing? 
Grrr.....please make this go away... 
I am so confused! 
Boys have to be boys and building a fort is
high on their list of things to do... 
 Dalan is a master builder
Jameson is giving the master a lot of competition!
Demolishing the fort is the best fun of all!
Sweet Quinn,
not sure what all these people are doing
at her house,
in her personal space,
she agrees with the dogs...
make them go away!
Cali's face says it all....
this family is
And I love them!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Once upon a time
I was sleeping soundly on a very early Wednesday morning
1:30 am to be exact,
when I was awakend by something......
I heard a voice say "Put your hands up"
In my sleepy brain, I did as I was told...
then thought whoa.....what is going on?
I immediately jumped out of bed
looked out my bedroom window and saw...
looked out every window of my house,
and saw
So I went back to bed and to sleep.
That Saturday morning, I went to my back patio,
to do my weekly sweeping.
There was a long pole in my flower bed.
It looked like a piece of gray PVC pipe,
so I tossed it back over the fence thinking it belonged to
my neighbor and that the wind had simply blown it over.
A few feet down in my flower bed
(which I admit is sadly lacking in the flower department)
There were also imprints in the dirt
that looked like someone had landed pretty hard there.
At least there weren't many flowers to
"break his fall".
I wouldn't want him to have been comfortable
when he landed.
Why this person left his shirt behind, I have no idea.
What he was going to do with that pole....
I don't want to think about.
Tender mercies of the Lord?
I think so.
I found out later that this person had tried to break into
my neighbors back door.
The neighbor that lives
Tender mercies of the Lord?
No doubt about it.
A blessing of being watched over and protected
by a loving Father in Heaven?
An absolute

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Memorial Weekend was great...
there is nothing better than family time together
As the kids opened Bumma's toy box,
Briqelle found her old doll "Nyla" that
I bought her when she was about 5 years old.
We had been to the Dixie Center to the
annual Christmas Fair, and she had thrown a fit
until Nyla was hers......
Ugly, Homely, Unattractive, Plain
"Sweet Spirited" Nyla
has lain forgotten the last 6 years....
until that magical moment when
Briqelle and Nyla were re-united.
Cali was happy to see Nyla too,
as you can see by her charming smile....
Actually, I think this was the smile for my question
Do you want to go get a sno-cone?
Jameson is a little man now....
Chocolate milk makes him happy.
This little lady rules the Shepherd household...
And don't you forget it!
We found a new park to enjoy...
This park has all the latest equipment, and instead of those
annoying rocks, or rubber chips on the ground,
it has some type of spongy mat under all the
playground equipment.
It is the Taj Mahal of playgrounds...
Which may or may not
explain why there appears to be a "dress" code..
It even has its own splash pad

Who else do you know that would insist on wearing 
her pink twirly skirt to play in?
Briqelle was simply THRILLED to be there!
THRILLED I tell you!

Of course Queen Quinn decided that she was going
to adopt Nyla.
Nyla has never had this much attention,
and isn't sure that she likes the soggy, drooling kind Quinn gives.
Jameson wanted to take home a toy
a green John Deere tractor to be exact
Wanted it SOOOOO badly....
that when his mom asked what was wrapped in his shirt
he said "noffing"
But being almost 3, he CAN NOT tell a lie.....
And politely asked if he could take it home.
Of course you can take it home!
What Bumma could say no to that face?
Nyla however is back in her box,
slobbered on and forgotten,
 packed away in a cold, dark box,
 abandoned by her owner...
Will she wait another 6 years to be loved?
Will the tractor return for his beloved Nyla?
Will Bumma be committed for talking to toys?
Tune in next time for the adventures of
 Nyla and John Deere....
HOLD ON.....
Did I just have an entire conversation about a doll and a toy tractor???
single handedly proving that.....
I have got to get out more!