Sunday, September 9, 2012


On August 22, at 11:56 pm
Jedrek Kevin Park
arrived in this world.....
unfortunately he was
3 weeks early.....
 Due to this early arrival he experienced
 some lung problems
and if that weren't enough for this 6 lb 5 oz baby
to deal with,
an infection was thrown into the mix
of problems....
Fortunately he was born 3 weeks early,
had he been born later, his infection would have
been a lot worse, and he would have been
in the hospital for a much longer time.
Jedrek was not shy about letting everyone know
what made him happy.....

And what did not..... 
On the bright side, his nurse Elaine
was great!
And Jedrek is a fighter....
getting stronger each day.  
I was able to hold him on his 2nd day in the NICU. 
So many tubes and wires on such a little guy. 
Rob holding his new son for the 1st time. 
On Monday, August 27 after
5 days in the NICU
The champ was able to go home!
Big brother Brecken was so happy to see
"baby brother"!
Brecken knows his name is Jedrek... 
  But he still calls him baby brother. 
This picture was not staged at all....
well, maybe just a little.... 
Avi was not so sure she wanted
baby brother around. 
Will he try to eat her food?
That is totally 
Mom shows Avi that baby brother 
is a keeper.
And she warms up to him.....
Especially when his bottle of breast milk
was left on the table.
Mom walked in
 to another room for a just a minute....
and when she returned.... 
the bottle was empty....
Avi now loves him as much as the rest of us.....
because he shared his milk with her.
I sense a lot of sharing episodes for Jedrek
in the future.....
Courtesy of his older sister.